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About Us

The Hummingbird Icon

                                    of The Hummingbird Academy is to provide high quality, energising and inspirational training, ensuring meaningful theatrical experiences are available to everybody.

The Purpose

Hummingbird pupils are trained by professionals currently working within the entertainment industry. This means students achieve a very high performance standard within stimulating and energising classes which help to develop technically strong but individually unique performers.

Our Instructors

The Hummingbird is a representation of the enjoyment of life. The wise bird is capable of amazing things such as travelling great distances and even flying backwards, regardless of it's tiny size! The Academy's intention is to develop creative, playful, and adaptable students to enable them to achieve roles within performing, directing and producing theatre; if they so wish.

All instructors have enhanced DBS disclosures, mounds of teaching experience and a first aider is on sight at all times to ensure the safety and well-being of your children always comes first. To read our policies on child safety and/or equality and diversity, please click here.

Theatre is so much more than a form of entertainment. It can build confidence, develop teamwork and increase understanding of the society and the people around us. For some it can be a welcome outlet for emotions and an escape from reality, others may simply enjoy seeing their friends in class or the excitement of performing in front of family and friends.


Here at Hummingbird, we are always experimenting with different styles of theatre and working towards something new to perform. Our experienced instructors and visiting professionals ensure our students gain strong knowledge within the various realms of the Musical Theatre world in a safe and supportive environment.


Come and see what we're all about, contact us today!

Open Door Policy

Both parents and children have a say in what happens in our classes. So if there's a Hummingbird related question, query or suggestion on your mind, let us know!

   Tel: 0785 271 6293